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Welcome to the website of Von McKnelly, fine art portrait  photographer.
   We specialize in unique fine art portraits that truly capture the spirit of the 
  individual and family. Please feel free to browse the site and contact us at 
any time to discuss your photography needs.

 Just getting started with your fashion portfolio or need to update your current one.
   We offer both studio and location fashion photo shoots designed around your needs.
Shooting commercial, editorial and lifestyle images for more than two decades, we 
 can help you to achieve your goals in the fashion industry.

Treat yourself to a magical moment with your family.
    Capture the love that makes you a family with a creative
    portrait that tells a story for many generations to come.

Fantasy portraits are the best way to explore your true inner self.
If you always wanted to free fly through the Rocky Mountains or
  live the life of a Medieval Knight, we can digitally create the perfect
portrait for you. Costumes required for some fantasy sessions

When people think of portrait photography, thoughts of a shopping mall studio
  comes quickly to mind. Many portrait studios will place and individual or family in
  front of the camera for that all to familiar "sit up straight and smile" portrait. Not
  that there is anything wrong with these types of portraits, and we are more than 
  happy to accommodate our clients if a traditional portrait is what they require.....

When thinking of fine art portrait photography ideas, consider what's important
  in your life, passions, hobbies or just a fantasy play, dressing up in costume of  a 
  1950's film noir character for example. A fine art photographer can take your idea
 and fine tune the concept creating a work of art that will hang above the mantel 
for generations to come.

Composite portraits are where we can work in the studio for the main subject and
go on location to capture another photograph, then combine the two. As here in 
 the portrait above and below, we photographed our clients in the studio and then
                                               placed them a country setting background that completes the portrait.

Family and children's portrait are by far the most valuable treasures we have. Telling
the story of our journeys through life, that can be revisited for generations to come.

All photographs on this web site are fully protected by
international copyright laws, all rights reserved. 

The images may not be copied, reproduced, manipulated or 
used in any way, without written permission from Von McKnelly.

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