Loved the class, totally hands on, he pushed me gently to go outside of my comfort zone and totally worked, the portraits that I created during the class came out perfect ... great experience, looking forward to new offerings from Von. 
-Salvador Segura

As talented a teacher as he is a photographer. He had 3 very different models for us to work with and helped achieve model-specific goals with lighting techniques. He coached us in engaging the models as well as in use of camera and lighting. I left with images that I can't wait to print. I will be back for more! 
-Judy Folks

My daughter and I recently had the opportunity to take a Portrait Photography class with Von. My daughter's heart's desire is to be an artist who earns a living from her photographs (thanks, Von, for the reminder that this is an art form, not just a profession). Von's class was small - 4 students - and very hands on. He spent time explaining details until they were understood and gave us all the opportunity to take pictures. I learned more about my camera in the first 15 minutes than I had figured out in about a year! Given an opportunity to take another class from Von I would definitely do it. It was excellent value for money and experience. 
-Karla Haigh

There's nothing much I can say about Von's skill as a photographer that isn't obvious by looking at his work. Von taught photo movement for models and acting classes for my agency for more than a year. As a teacher he inspires and excites his students to listen and practice what he preaches. I sat in on a few of Von's classes and watched models and actors alike having fun, glued to his every word. As a instructor and photographer he is flat out awesome. Thanks for all your help Von.
-Maggie Buehrer

Thanks Von. That was a very informative and enjoyable afternoon. I learned a great deal from your preamble in the meeting room and while watching you work outside. It was enlightening to hear you direct the models in such a gentle and yet assertive way. I also picked up a whole lotta tips from listening and watching the others and their way of dealing with posing, lighting etc.
The models were terrific. Very patient and tolerant.
-Larry Humphreys

Thank you Von, the day was exceptional. The models were patient and professional and a touch of rain was not an issue. I'll check the photos in the coming days and send off a few. I also took a few production shots which I can share if you like. Thank you so much for your flexibility, teachings and examples. It made for a terrific day. Very grateful indeed.
-Tim West
p.s. I look forward to future events with much anticipation 

The Art Of Portrait Photography

Contact us for more details.

Topics covered:

Image concept 

Finding the best poses 

The power of communicating with clients

Manipulating and controlling light 

Using the correct lens for the job

Post-editing your portraits

Proper ways to lay out your portfolio

Bodybuilder Portrait Workshop


Pinup Workshop

A few images from our recent workshops. 

Our portrait workshop is for the photographer who has taken our Basic Digital Photography Class 
or for those who have basic camera skills and a good understanding of aperture and shutter speed operations.

This workshop includes lighting and posing instructions, as well as photographing live models. 

Workshops generally run between two and four hours.

During the photo shoot portion of this workshop, our small group of students will be working with experienced models. We'll show posing and story line set-up, as well as tips and some tricks to help bring out the best in your subject. We'll go over both natural and artificial light and how to properly use reflectors, as well as diffusers.

This class is perfect for those who are looking to improve their lighting skills and subject interaction, and refine their workflow and portrait production, as well as build their portfolios.

What to bring

Your digital SLR camera:   If you have two bodies, bring both. This is a digital photography class but if you have a film camera, you are are more than welcome to bring it to the workshop.

Lenses: I find that a 85mm lens works well for portrait photography, but bring what you have and are comfortable with. It’s better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it.  

Tripod: Shooting in low-light situations, a tripod is an invaluable tool. If you have one you should bring it.

Extra batteries: Bring at least one extra charged battery and charger. There is nothing worse than having a dead battery in the middle of a portrait session.

Memory cards: Bring two, one as a backup. Memory cards do fail and without a backup, you’re up the proverbial creek.

Von McKnelly