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Product Photography 

Watch this behind the scenes video from a recent product photo session.

Yoga Towel

Prices may vary for larger products.

​​​​Creative Photography Since 1992 

Product photography rates are based on the number of products to be photographed. 
The more products we shoot, the less cost per image. 

Time is also a consideration - some products take more time to shoot and complete than others.
The following is a price guideline for product photography. We have a ten photograph minimum.
Small product table top pricing guide.

10 - 19........$20 per image
20 - 49........$18 per image
50 - 99........$15 per image
 Price includes:
Basic retouching; color correction, removing minor product  imperfections, etc.
One JPEG for your website sized to your specifications.
One high resolution tiff file for print, sized to your specifications.
Images are delivered via online file transfer.

​A deposit may be required.